Join Docking@Home: Getting Started Guide (Step 2 of 3)

Start Docking! Joining Docking@Home is extremely easy - it takes just 3 steps, which we will walk you through.

  1. Download the software (BOINC)
  2. Join the Docking@Home Project <- You Are Here
  3. Set Your Preferences

Step 2 - Join the Docking@Home Project

BOINC offers many different computing projects you can join, simply select Docking@Home.

  1. The first time you run the BOINC manager, it will ask you to choose a project to attach.
  2. Choose Docking@Home (you may choose to add additional projects later).
    • If Docking@Home does not appear in the projects list, enter as the project URL.
  3. The BOINC manager will ask you to enter your email and select a password.

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BOINC Attach Project BOINC New User Form

> Goto Step 3 - Set Your Preferences

Having Trouble?

If you’ve encountered an issue or have any questions regarding Docking@Home or BOINC, there are several places to look for answers:

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